Parallel sessions Tuesday 04:15 PM – 05:45 PM (Subject to change)

This page contains the title, presenters, as well as the location of the afternoon parallel sessions held on Tuesday April 4, 2017. Please note that this page contains only the name of the first author of the submission.


Session 3.1: Towards applications of placebo effects in clinical practice (Location: Grote Zaal; Chair Irving Kirsch)

Felicity Bishop – Increasing patients’ knowledge about placebo effects: Developing and testing a person-based digital intervention
Stefanie Meeuwis – Effects of open-label verbal suggestions on itch
Yvonne Nestoriuc – Effect of a three-session expectation optimization training to prevent side effects and enhance quality of life in breast cancer patients undergoing adjuvant endocrine treatment: A multi-center randomized clinical trial
Michael Schaefer – Placebos without deception improve symptoms in allergic rhinitis
Kari Leibowitz – Mechanisms of open-label placebo effects
Cosima Locher – Open-label placebos in healthy participants: An experimental pain investigation


Session 3.2: Neurobiological & pharmacological placebo effects (Location: Breezaal; Chair: Pedrag Petrovic)

Elisa Carlino – Expectation of L-dopa intake in parkinson’s disease: An EEG study
Zelda Di Blasi – The effects of intranasal oxytocin on cardiovascular and psychological stress response: A double blind placebo-controlled RCT
Judith Tekampe – Conditioning immune and endocrine parameters in humans: A systematic review
Alexander Winkler – Conditioning of amitriptyline-induced REM-sleep suppression


Session 3.3: Generalization  of placebo effects (Location: Jan Willem Schaap zaal; Chair: Martina Amanzio)

Diletta Barbiani – Differential effects of placebo oxygen on fatigue and pain in hypoxic conditions at high altitude
Dan-Mikael Ellingsen – Specific expectations of therapeutic benefit produces generalized placebo improvement of pain and pleasure
Philip Hurst – Is the intention to use sport supplements a predictor of placebo and nocebo responding among athletes?
Julie Lasselin – Expectations shape the emotional response of experimentally-induced sickness
Nicole Corsi – How motor-induced analgesia shapes placebo and nocebo effects in a heat model of human pain
Nils Mönnikes – Genetics, shared, or non-shared environment? An experimental twin study on placebo analgesia


Session 3.4: Placebos in RCTs (Location: Cornelis Schuyt zaal; Chair: Michel Ferrari)

Wayne Jonas – Are surgery and invasive procedures effective beyond a placebo response in chronic pain?
Pascal Probst – Applicability and justification of a placebo control in surgery
Susanne Reiter-Niesert – Aspects of interferences on the course of placebo in clinical trials with chronic pain conditions
Cecilie Schrøder – Sham surgery for slap-lesions of the shoulder: A randomized clinical trial
Francesco Cerritelli – The paradox of sham therapy and placebo effect in osteopathy: A systematic review
Carla Flik – The placebo effect of psychological interventions in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome